Our Team-old

Every project is a team effort.

  • Management & Administration

  • Design &

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Production & Manufacturing

Each team member contributes to our success and we strive to offer ample opportunities for them to excel and meet their career goals.

To continuously provide quality products and service to our clients, we display collaborative effort to ensure our design, workmanship, installation and construction methods adapt to the needs of the fast evolving market.

Management & Administration

We recognise that coordination and communication is of utmost importance, and thus constantly form teams for meetings and discussions to ensure that all things that could go wrong are identified and mitigated at foresight. Experience, foresight and a can-do attitude play an important role.
Company Organisation Chart

Design & Engineering

We seek to enhance client’s visual experience by exhibiting our 3D modeling capabilities at tender and construction stage. The team works closely with other project members to ensure timely delivery of client’s expectation.
3D Walk Through
3D Modelling

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

All fabrication works have to meet and pass sequential checks before delivery to site. Our in-house NDT inspectors and QA/QC teams are constantly on site to ensure quality defect issues are detected and rectified before they leave the fabrication yard.
Ultrasonic Test (UT)
Magnetic Particle Inspection

Quality Assurance Plan

  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Welding Procedure
  • Qualified Welders Lists
  • Painting Procedure
  • Galvanizing Procedure
  • Fabrication Process Control
  • Installation Process Control
Paint Check
Welding Height Check

Fabrication & site installation

Our team of experienced and qualified managers and workers are grouped and work in teams. While the work is tolling and tedious, they have been disciplined to be task oriented and are good managers of schedules and deadlines.
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